Aesthetic outfits - What is this 2022 trend? Our best 3 aesthetic outfits with an 'athleisure' twist you need to try out!

With aesthetic outfits now trending including 90s Grunge, Cottage Core, Soft Girl and Dark Academia, to name a few, it’s time to think about your own style aesthetic, express your individuality and discover your favorite aesthetic outfits here.
We’ve put together our best 3 aesthetic outfits with an 'athleisure' twist for you to try out.

6 days ago

Six Ultimate Tips for Winter Running (that will actually motivate you to happily leave the house)

If you are finding it hard to get out of that door and embrace running in the cold, winter weather, here are six ultimate tips for winter running from our FLANCI team of Pro Ambassadors.

Spoiler: They work.

13 days ago

Event Diary - Summer of Fun

Despite postponements and cancellations we have a summer of events booked in the diary where we will be attending with a stand or our pop up shop.  Come and meet the team and try our products.

5 months ago

Photography Tips

2 years ago


2 years ago

Barefoot Journey

2 years ago
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