Six Ultimate Tips for Winter Running (that will actually motivate you to happily leave the house)

tips for winter running

If you are finding it hard to get out of that door and embrace running in the cold, winter weather, here are six ultimate tips for winter running from our FLANCI team of Pro Ambassadors.

Spoiler: They work.

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Tips For Winter Running

Winter running weather


Let’s play a game… The Mental Game.

Possibly the best tip for winter running motivation. Try this if you are the ultimate ‘running in the cold’ avoider.

Step One:

Get your running kit on in advance or have it all laid out ready, preferably leave your socks or base layers over a warm radiator, ready to slide into. This will make putting on your kit an extra pleasurable experience. If you have a smug cat, ignore it and put your socks here:

Ignore your smug cat and put your socks here.

Step Two:

When you are about to leave the house and getting into those running shoes, tell yourself you are just popping out to the car/bins/post box (anything you would normally do as a 'quick' thing outside) and don’t let yourself think too much about it.

Once you get to the location you told yourself you were going, SURPRISE! simply keep on going, then start running. This works every time.

Pat yourself on the back, you just outwitted yourself.

outdoors winter


Find a running friend or running group.

Running in the winter with a friend and being accountable to someone else can help - if you are both motivated enough - you know that friend who chats more than they run!

running in a group

Running together means the time will fly by and it could be fun to battle though the wind and laugh about it at the same time.

If you can’t find a human, a dog pal works too.

running with a dog

Running in a group is another option. There are plenty of fellow winter runners out there, maybe at your local parkrun or running group.

Join in and find someone at your fitness level to motivate you.

group of runners


Mix up your routes.

A change is as good as a rest, so they say. If you always run the same route, take a look at the map and plan something new- maybe taking in a new view or different terrain.

It is always a good idea to add hills and descents into your run, but of course if the weather is wet or snowy, take care, as unfamiliar routes may be slippery or covered in puddles.

You could even plan a one-way run if you have someone to pick you up and take you home at the finish.

winter path


Get the right kit.

If the worry of running in the dark or in low light is holding you back, invest in some high-viz accessories and a head torch or running light - just like our Flanci Ambassador Paul Moseley (aka The Skorted Man).

Getting the right waterproof outwear whilst out is also essential.

If you need to treat yourself to a new, warm winter wardrobe (of course you do), keep reading to the bottom of this article.


Have a treat planned for the finish.

Maybe you like hot chocolate or are partial to a cookie? Plan to stop off at a café on the way home to keep you motivated and keep you going towards that end goal.

Name me a runner who doesn't run for snacks...

You might prefer not having that treat waiting for you at home because if it’s under the same roof you may just forget the run part!



Set yourself a goal that you’ll have to work for.

Enter a race that you will need to train for or maybe decide to improve on a distance time. Often knowing you need to push yourself that little bit further can be great motivation.

Whatever your goal, visualize yourself finishing the race and how great you’ll feel knowing you’ve stuck to your training plan through those winter months.

You don't need to run up a mountain like our Flanci Ambassador Amado Ottley though (pictured below in our 'Day of the Dead' print shorts and neck sleeve).

Winter Vibes Style Guide

Why not treat yourself to some new kit and get out into that invigorating weather? Running in the cold means re-thinking that activewear wardrobe. Follow the link to our winter leggings here.

Don’t worry we've got you covered. Literally.

Shop the look

We hope these 6 tips for winter running help you stick to your fitness plans over the winter months.

Let us know your top tips for winter running in the comments!

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