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Designed to Run

FLANCI Activewear - 19/06/20

Today we hear from our FLANCI designer, Jan Olive and her journey to running. The gadgets, the clothing and solo running during lockdown.

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Photography Tips

FLANCI Activewear - 21/05/20

Any Flanci followers will know Peter Atkin for his fabulous photos and love of funky leggings.

The shots of him jumping have us wistfully wishing we could achieve the same results with our photographs, so Peter has kindly agreed to share with us his top tips for great jumping photos!

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Habits and Health Goals

FLANCI Activewear - 19/05/20

Human beings are creatures of habit.  Many behaviours are carried out automatically without conscious decision making and our daily habits have a huge impact on our mental and physical wellbeing and affect behaviours.

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London Marathon

Marathon Fuelling Tips

FLANCI Activewear - 15/01/20

For all of you out there training for a marathon, you’ll know just how much blood, sweat, and tears it takes to get you across that finish line.

We have some top tips for your marathon

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Stay Bright

FLANCI Activewear - 28/02/20

Here at FLANCI headquarters we are trying to retain our eternally sunny disposition and we want to send some of that brightness your way!

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Get the Balance Right

FLANCI Activewear - 22/11/19

Work-life balance – is it ever possible? Qualified personal trainer Dr Emma Short and GP Dr Laura Sheldrake talk to FLANCI about how to achieve a work-life balance.

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Barefoot Journey

FLANCI Activewear - 30/10/19

Several members of the FLANCI team have been dabbling with barefoot running recently – inspired by the amazing Anna McNuff who is running around Britain barefoot at the moment.

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Happy Feet Tips

FLANCI Activewear - 20/09/19

We asked top podiatrist and enthusiast of all things purple, Dianne Ashcroft, of Lane Ends Podiatry for her top tips on all things feet related.

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Blogging to Get You Plogging

FLANCI Activewear - 20/08/19

In recent weeks, the word “plogging” has been bandied around, referring to a new movement of runners that pick up litter as they go.  Read how one of our ambassadors has brought Plogging to his local area.

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Marathon 100 for Nicky at Giant's Head

FLANCI Activewear - 24/06/19

Our esteemed FLANCI founder has always given 100 per cent to all things running, and at the weekend she went and gave her all for her 100th marathon.
Nicky raced on Saturday at the White Star Running event - Giants Head Marathon and Sydling Hill Race 2019.

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FLANCI Heads to the Most North-Westerly Marathon in the UK! 

FLANCI Activewear - 22/05/19
Laura Briggs heads over to Cape Wrath with her FLANCI Peacock capris, to battle the “most demanding marathon on mainland Britain”

Countdown to London: how to run your best marathon

FLANCI Activewear - 16/04/19

With the Virgin Money London Marathon just a tantalizing couple of weeks away, it’s easy to let pre-race nerves get the better of you. With all those miles of training you’ve put in – don’t forget to enjoy this epic event. We’ve put together some tips on how to run your best marathon so that you enjoy those 26.2 miles (well, most of them!)

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Move over winter - here’s to warm weather running

FLANCI Activewear - 27/03/19

As we dare to remove our outer layers, windproof jackets, gloves and headbands, we can enjoy more runs with the sun in our faces. While cold-weather running has its own challenges, it’s important to be equally prepared when running in warmer weather.

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Meeting the elites at our grand launch

FLANCI Activewear - 18/02/19

Launching FLANCI at the National Running Show was a bit of a dream come true for us. Not only were we totally surrounded by all things running-related, but we got to showcase our very own brand which we’ve worked so hard to bring to you.

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