We are extremely lucky at FLANCI to have the very talented Jan Olive on board doing our new designs. 

Jan Olive Designs is a surface pattern design studio best known for unique hand-drawn or painted patterns.

Somerset based Jan worked as an artist for many years before her interest in design led her to embark on a degree in Textile and Surface Design which she completed in 2016.

All Jan's designs start with drawings, mark-making, painting, printing or photography.  Patterns are then developed digitally but retain her individual handwriting in the designs.

Being surrounded by lovely countryside is a huge source of inspiration and a great excuse to get outside for a walk on the hills or along the coastline.  Flowers and foliage form a large part of Jan's work but inspiration is also found in the textures, patterns and colour that she encounters everyday.  Many of these elements are layered in designs to add interest and complexity.

As well as designing, Jan is a foodie, golfer and has an eclectic taste in music.  Her favourite colour is turquoise or orange, sometimes purple!

I:  @jan_olive

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